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Our post-production studio, laced with state-of-art equipment has been used by renowned production houses, artistes and satellite channels for project that are well appreciated. Whether it is producing a movie or a sound post, we are committed to the success of the work you produce. Hence, we hand-pick technology and human skills sets that are ideal to you requirements & budgets. We thank our patrons for their trust and regular feedbacks that has helped us achieve, what we are today. Strategically located amidst the cluster of production-houses & satellite channels, we help bridge gap the distance between their requirement and our delivery.

Evoke Media Services

Film Production

Evoke Undertakes Film Production Services

Evoke Media has been involved in the production of digital content as well as films for many years now. Having experience of over a decade in the film industry and an experience of over 40 years of the parent company Raj Rishi Films, Evoke Media is well capable of handling big projects of the film industry.

Pre - Production

Story / Screenplay

You don’t tell the audience your story.You show them! The audience viewing a movie not only wants to be interested in and care about the people they see on the screen, they want to be PASSIONATE about them, whether they like them or not. Great heroes and heroines inspire us; great villains make us want to jump into the screen. We at Evoke believe the same about story and that’s why we are tied up with some of the best minds in the industry to develop your story and build a successful screenplay.

Story / Screenplay


India is a land of diversified geography. From mountains to deserts, snow to sand, forests to barren lands, salt pans to amazing beaches, backwaters to rain forests. With so much to see in one country, imagine the scale at which we can take our production values when we shoot at such diversified locations. We at Evoke helps you find the right location for your shoot and takes care of the necessary arrangements like paperwork, food, stay, crew, second unit, etc.


They say teamwork is the basics to achieve new heights. We at Evoke think they are right that’s why we are tied up with the best professionals from film industry to take care of the most complex production and deliver a technically great visual. We can hire DOPs, Action Choreographer, Dance Masters, Art Directors and Directors for your Production.

Film Crew
Movie Casting


It’s no secret that actors are 50% of the movie and their solid performances can improve the overall film quality dramatically, even if other components fall short. So a good director always understands the importance castings, as this is where first critical choices concerning his future work are made. Evoke Media can take care of casting the right characters in your film. Ma it beany big name in the industry, if the budget of the movie permits then we can get the right name and actor to you. If you are looking for fresh faces then we can audition new actors (male and female) for your movie and make sure that you get the right candidate based on your characterization.

PRODUCTION (Actual shoot)

Shooting on location

With an experience of over a decade in the film industry, we know what it takes to get the things right on the shoot andthe kind of coordination and the strength to manage the production requirements for the movie’s shoot. When we go on floor to shoot, we leave no stone un-turn for the preparation of the shoot, which makes it a peaceful environment for everyone to do their job right and in the stipulated time. With everything going digital, we also have expert media managers to manage your media in the correct manner and prepare for the post-production.

Movie Shooting
Chroma Floor

Chroma Floor

Evoke Media Services also have a Chroma Shooting Floor for shooting indoor on Chroma. It’s well equipped, well lit Air Conditioned Hall.

Post Production

Evoke has State Of The Art Post Production Studios


On its most fundamental level, film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence. We at Evoke Media consider Film Editing as a very important aspect of movie making. Our Editors are professionals with good experience and are well versed with the media management of today's digital film making. We work on latest editing setups from Apple.

Movie Editing , Film Editing
Movie Dubbing , Film Dubbing


Dubbing is a process of re-recording the sound of the dialogues delivered by the actors on the sets while shooting. Dubbing is a process that requires a creative to be present in the studio so that they can guide the Actors or the dubbing artist to record the sound with the same emotions that were acted on the shooting sets. We have in-house professional recording engineers who capture the sound and synchronize the audio with the video with ease. We work on state of the art industry standard Protools HD Setup with the power engine of Apple machines.

Sound Design

Sound design is the art of adding the exact sound of the objects depicted in the visual. May it be adding ambience sound or Foley, we at Evoke are well equipped with the libraries for sound design of any project. With an entire studio dedicated for live sound effects and professional Foley artist we can manage to produce any kind of sound according to the visual.

Sound design
Background Mix

Background Score

Sometimes to bring out the emotions or the grandeur of the scene dialogues are not enough, background music or background score is recorded to appease the audience. We are tied up with various musicians and background scorers who produce music to sooth the audience's ears while watching your movie. Our background scorers are highly experienced and know exactly where to add the right kind of music to your visuals.

Surround Mix

As the name suggest, mixing is the process of combining all kinds of sounds used for the visual onto one track. With the advent of technology, sound has emerged too for that out the world user experience of listening to the sound. We can do mono mix, stereo mix and 5.1 surround mix at our studio. Our engineers are highly experienced in mixing your movie onto a surround sound.

Surround Mix
movie color correction

Color Correction

Color correction is just one step of the entire filmmaking process...but oh, what a difference it can make. You can take average footage and really make it pop, sing and enhance the viewing experience of your project. If you have excellent footage, then the sky is the limit. We are working on industry standard Da Vinci Resolve Setup for Color Correcting your footage.


We have recently added a scanning setup to our studios. We now offer scanning of Films (16mm, 35mm) Negatives and Positives in HD, 2K and 4K Resolutions. Film scanning is the best way to preserve your precious films onto digital medium. Why bear the storage costs and unnecessary hassle of handling and maintaining the Prints and the Negatives when you can easily scan them and have a digital copy forever.

movie scanning

Client & Showreel

Evoke Media Services


Our studios are equipped with

Acoustically treated editing rooms

Ergonomically designed seats to support your longer working hours

Individual luxurious editing suites

Conference rooms for strategic planning

Comfortable dubbing rooms with wide screens

Experienced recording engineers

Services preferred by many celebrities


Five state-of-the art FCP machines

Editing on Final-Cut-Pro

VTRs for Beta, DG Beta, DV etc.

Experienced & professional editors


Two latest pro-tools HD setup

Sonodyne 5.1 surrounds speakers with bass management

Apple MacPro machines

Neumann microphones Yamaha consoles

Trusted for transfer and formats inter conversions, our VCDs and DVDs are digitally mastered from the original films using bespoke post-production facilities to deliver international standard of output for DVD9 and wide-screen anamorphic formats. We are a growing company that is growing with your output requirements.

We deliver

Entertainment industry is booming today, leading to an increasing impetus on quality of your content. With every day new challenges keeping abreast to changing technology is what we adopted at Evoke media.

With our key expertise and experience,we provide various Range of services into post production offering end-to-end solutions into- Video Editing,5.1 Surround sound,Audio mixing,Compositing and Graphic Designing. Our technical forte lies in

Editing ❘ Dubbing ❘ Recording ❘ Surround Mixing ❘ Background music ❘ Jingles ❘ Voice Over ❘ Animation Voice Over ❘ Radio Spots ❘ Colour correction ❘ Visual Effects ❘ Audio Video Post Production ❘ Wire Removal Chroma Cutting ❘ Promos To Market Your Films & Business


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